Dresden, Germany part 3

Waterfront and New Town.


At the airport

We left our apartment yesterday at 4 am to get to the airport early for our 7am flight to Rome. The car ride there was smooth. We used a car service and the car had a car seat, which was perfect for Alder. I thought he would sleep in the car but, nope, he was wide awake. He stayed up until we landed in Rome, crashing on the shuttle bus to the city center. Here’s some pictures of the little one at the airport. And a quick video of him playing the piano. Suits him, doesn’t it?

Spring Break – Rome


One great perk of being a teacher is all the little breaks you get throughout the year and, of course, during the summer! My school’s spring break starts tomorrow, and we’re off until the 10th, so a good long week to relax and rest up.

Dan and I considered a few different places to visit. Our main criteria was warm weather and a relatively cheap and short flight. I went on Google Flights, typed in our travel dates in the map feature, and looked at the fares for different cities in Europe.  I found reasonable tickets to Malta, Barcelona, Madrid, Naples, and Rome. We decided on Rome–it was the cheapest ticket ($73 round trip) and the shortest flight (2 hours). Also, though I’m on spring break, Dan isn’t. He’ll have the mornings/afternoons free but will need to work in the evenings. I’ve been to Rome before so it won’t be a completely unfamiliar place for me to explore with Alder while Dan is working.

And, Rome has FOOD–so excited to indulge in all the bad stuff– pasta, pizza, bread, gelato!

To save money, we booked this AirBnB apartment instead of a hotel.

You don’t see many five star reviews, so I’m excited we got this one. There’s a little kitchen so we can cook meals a fews days while we’re there. And the hosts even have a little pack-n-play for children. The apartment is located in Testaccio which is considered a “foodie neighborhood.” I’m looking forward to visiting the famous local market and wandering the ancient city streets: