Rome – Colloseum



We spent the afternoon in Holesovice, a little outside of the city center. This area used to be considered a not so nice part of town. It’s industrial and filled with huge communist bloc buildings. There’s a lot of graffiti. However, the area is now gentrified and has gotten quite popular. There are lots of art galleries, restaurants, and pubs. It’s an area worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing a different side of Prague.

We went to the Dox museum and had a great time. The museum’s current exhibit, Havel, is interesting. It features photographs of Vaclav Havel, the Czech Republic’s first president after the fall of Communism. I loved how intimate the photographs are–there are many of Havel with his family at their country home, alone in nature, goofing around with his buddies. He seemed very down to earth, and he certainly liked a good drink–as you can see below.

‘Tis the season part 2

Yesterday evening, my friend from work, Jess, and I checked out the christmas market in the old town. There’s a beautiful, ornate christmas tree there that looks spectacular all lit up at night. Later in the evening, we stumbled upon the famous building “House of the Black Madonna,” which was the first cubist style building built in Prague. The building sticks out amongst the baroque buildings you typically find in the old town. We ended up grabbing a drink at the cafe on the first floor, Grand Cafe Orient, which still retains the art deco look and feel from the cubism era. Definitely worth a visit.