We got Alder a little harmonica for his first birthday last September. His breath hasn’t been strong enough to play it. But this afternoon, he gave it a try and got out a good little tune.


At the airport

We left our apartment yesterday at 4 am to get to the airport early for our 7am flight to Rome. The car ride there was smooth. We used a car service and the car had a car seat, which was perfect for Alder. I thought he would sleep in the car but, nope, he was wide awake. He stayed up until we landed in Rome, crashing on the shuttle bus to the city center. Here’s some pictures of the little one at the airport. And a quick video of him playing the piano. Suits him, doesn’t it?

‘Tis the season

Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Prague, but the Christmas season is in full swing. Christmas markets are already popping up all over the city , and I’m hoping to check out all of them.

Yesterday, I went to one near our neighborhood in Namesti Miru (Peace Square). Everyone was eating smoked sausages and drinking svařené víno, a warm mulled wine which is becoming my new favorite drink! This drink is very sweet, so you have to be careful not to drink too quickly!

Afterward, I did a very a American thing and went to the mall. What’s nice is that most of the malls here have a play area for kids. This one, at Eden Mall, has a floor with huge toy cars, trucks, and motorcycles which Aldy loved.




Alder has been talking more and more. He’s been saying “dada” for a while and, recently, he’s started saying “mama.” Took him long enough! He can also say “baw” for ball. A couple of days ago he started saying “uh-oh.” At first I thought it was just a fluke, but now when he throws something on the ground or something drops on the floor, he says “uh-oh.” Hope I can catch that on camera soon!