Rudolfinum & Beef Bar

On Tuesday, we spent the afternoon at the Rudolfinum, a beautiful concert hall  in the Old Town that also houses a contemporary art gallery. We explored the art gallery for a while. On the first floor there was an interactive “art park.” In one room the walls were painted in chalkboard paint and people had added drawings, notes, and little sayings. There was an area filled with hundreds of wooden blocks where people built their own little sculptures.

Upstairs, there was a photography exhibit by the German photographer Juergen Teller. Teller is a fashion photographer famous for doing a weird photo shoot with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West earlier this year. Some of these photographs were in the exhibit. Teller’s photographs are an acquired taste; they capture weird objects, people in weird positions doing weird things, but they are interesting to look at.

After the Rudolfinum, we headed to a restaurant called Beef Bar in the New Town. All the beef at the restaurant comes from South America and is of high quality. We had one of the best meals in Prague so far. For our appetizer, we had beef and chorizo empanadas, which were delicious. We also shared a burger and a rib eye steak. I usually don’t care for steak, but this steak was gooood. It tasted rich but not fatty and the meat just melted in your mouth. And there was no need for any sauce; the seasoning was enough. The price was fairly reasonable–$13 for a large cut of steak. We’ll definitely go back.


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