Bagels and a stroll through Kampa Island

It’s hard to find bagels here in Prague. I’ve yet to see bagels at the grocery store, and it’s rare to find bagels at bakeries or cafes. It’s even pretty difficult to find good sliced, white bread.

Yesterday, for some reason, I was really craving an egg and cheese bagel sandwich like I used to get at the corner delis in New York.  So, I decided to hunt for one. I headed to Bohemia Bagel in Mala Strana and got an egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich (on an everything bagel). It was greasy, it was delicious. And the ketchup was free! This is another rare thing in Prague. It was nice having food that tasted very American.

Afterward, I strolled through beautiful Kampa Island, people-watched, and took in all the great public art. I love how the Lennon Wall is packed with people, even at ten am in the morning.





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