Surreal Art

One of the pleasures of walking around Prague is stumbling into some kind of surreal public art:

The fourth picture shows the  Zizkov TV Tower , which was built during the communist era. Up and down the tower are a string of crawling babies coated in bronze. From afar, they look tiny but, up close, they are huge  – each baby is six feet tall. The sculptures were created by David Černý , a Czech sculptor known for pushing boundaries in his art.

The first three pictures were taken in front of the Mosaic House, a popular hostel in Prague’s new town. There’s a man and a woman holding onto to umbrellas, seemingly floating in the air. When you look closely, though, the man and woman are made of cement and are actually quite heavy. It makes you scratch your head.

There are many more surreal works art around Prague. I’m excited to stumble across them soon.



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