First project for 7th grade class

I debated what I should assign my 7th grade class for their first project. I like the first project to be unexpected and also challenging. I decided for the class to produce an “I Am” poem.

It’s a great poem for English language learners to write. It has a specific structure (students complete sentence stems) and has a great rhythm when read aloud. There are concept words that students are pushed to define/ analyze/ponder when they write an “I Am” poem (i.e., “pretend” “wonder” “understand” “dream”,  and “hope”). My goal was to have students write a poem specific to themselves, to use consistent punctuation and, most importantly, to have fun playing with language.

I’m impressed with the poems the students are producing and how hard they are working. Their final drafts are due next week, but a few students completed their drafts yesterday.  I’ve shared two students’ poems above.  The first student lives on a farm with her family; the second is an immigrant from Asia.

Here is an “I Am” poem I wrote and shared with the class to use as model for their poems:


I’ll share more poems next week!


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