One of my favorite places in Prague is Naplavka. It’s a riverbank that hugs the shimmering Vltava river, and where you can get some of the best views of the city. Across the riverbank, you can see Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Petrin Hill. Surrounding Naplavka are the colorful art nouveau buildings Prague is so famous far.

What I love about Naplavka is that it’s a place where tourists and locals mix and mingle. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, there’s a farmer’s market where you can find local produce and interesting food vendors. In the evenings, the restaurants open up (many of them are riverboats) and music is in the air.

There’s something for everyone at Naplavka. Rather than the congested, touristy Old Town, this would be the first place I’d recommend when visiting Prague.


2 thoughts on “Naplavka”

  1. It’s really beautiful here; you’ll love it . Teaching is going well. I’m getting the hang of teaching different grades, and the kids overall are really sweet!


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