Czech words

I’ve been keeping a vocabulary notebook where I add new Czech words I see and hear (those the “m” words I’ve collected so far in th. I also recently bought a book of poems. I’ve translated one full poem so far using a bilingual dictionary and google translate. It was a very slow process, but I learned a dozen new words just from that one poem. My goal is to translate one poem every month as a way to build my vocabulary. I’ll also be taking Czech classes twice a week through my school so that should help with learning the language!

Below are a few of my favorite Czech words that I’ve learned so far. Click on a word to hear its pronunciation.

ahoy  – hi/bye

čaj – tea

dobrou_chuť! – bon appétit!

dobrý dengood morning/hello

fialový – violet

káva – coffee

kino – cinema

květ– flower/bloom

kameny – rocks

krev – blood

míru– peace

málo, mála – little

mýdlo – soap

mozek – brain

medúza– jellyfish

oranžova– orange

oheň – fire/flame

pivo – beer

prosím – please

poznání – knowledge/understanding

tělo, těla – body

velka – large/great

voda – water

zahrada – garden

zlata – gold

zemi/země – country, land, world



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