The best birthday present

I turned 33 yesterday, and what an eventful year it’s been: I had a baby, got a new job, and moved to a new country. So many great changes!

To celebrate, Dan made one of his delicious, no recipe meals, a spicy beef curry (he got an amazing curry paste from a speciality asian food shop near our apartment–he also found Siracha there, you don’t find Siracha anywhere in Prague!). We ate the curry with the typical bread eaten in the Czech Republic (it doesn’t look that appetizing but it’s delicious, like a mild rye bread). We ate on our balcony as the sun set, shared a bottle of wine.

And I got the best birthday present. In our neighborhood and elsewhere in Prague, I’ve been seeing the most beautiful flower shops —Květiny in Czech — that have the most stunning flower and plant arrangements. I’ve wanted to pick up a few flowers and succulents but have been hesitant to fill our apartment with too much stuff. Well, Dan picked up a succulent and I couldn’t be happier with it! ~B


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